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Mirth Connect

We work with Mirth Connect, the leading open source HL7 integration engine currently implemented at over 100,000 organizations. Over 10% of the US healthcare market is using Mirth, and this number is growing.


Our EMR Solution:


Your HL7 integration solution for CritIS

At KD Synergy we provide HL7 expertise and integration architecture consulting, along with HL7 interface engine configuration.

Synergy-Connect is a set of Mirth Connect communication channels implemented by our integration experts, providing integration of CritIS EMR software with healthcare systems such as HIS, LIS, RIS, PACS, and or medical equipment.

By using Mirth Connect during our Synergy-Connect implementations, we have managed to eliminate a lot of the trial-and-error work other teams need. There is no need to spend months on building out your integration capabilities. Using Mirth Connect along with our Synergy-Connect solutions you benefit from achieving a considerable reduction of time-to-delivery over typical timelines.

Last, whenever you are facing changes in your integrated environment, our integration experts are right there to consult you and implement those changes.


Support for Industry Standard messaging formats:

  • HL7 (2.x - 3.0)
  • X12
  • ASTM
  • XML
  • Delimited text

Access to local and remote systems via:

  • Files
  • TCP/IP
  • Database
  • S/FTP
  • Email
  • JMS
  • Web Services

Reliability and Scalability

  • High performance integration engine handles hundreds of messages per second.
  • Message broker with persistent storage eliminates data loss.
  • Advance notification and logging for alerting error situations.
  • Fault Tolerance and Clustering Support for enterprise readiness.
  • Encrypted message storage.


  • Extensions written using industry standard languages Java and JavaScript.
  • Integration with many open source libraries.